Simplify and Streamline Communication from Anywhere

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution in Microsoft Team. It brings together a complete communication system with calls, chats, and meetings in a single application.

Now it is easier than ever to outsource work or to collaborate while working from anywhere. Conduct team meetings and staff call without leaving Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 Business Voice effectively replaces traditional telephony, providing reliable and cost-effective communications. You can set your company-toll free number, implement call menus and phone conferencing.

Your organisation must adapt to the new normal of remote working, and embracing effective UC technologies will keep your workforce productive.

All in one communication

Being a part of Microsoft Teams means you can have calls, meetings, chat, calendar and email all on the same platform. It saves you from having to manage different apps and solutions, providing a convenient and fast way to communicate.

Call from anywhere, on any device

Stay connected across devices with the same call quality and experience. You can make calls and join meetings from your phone, computer, or desk phone.

Built-in audio conferencing

Business Voice is flexible, so you can join an audio conference through MS Teams or via a dial-in number.

Easy and intelligent calling

Business Voice improves collaboration with an easy to use the system. You can call with a single tap or button, switch from call to meeting and change devices in a few steps

Connect faster and easier

You can schedule a meeting or call with Outlook and have attendees join from any connected device.

AI-powered intelligence.

Business Voice AI-powered features include voicemail and audio transcription, inline translation in chats and real-time captioning in meetings.
Work and Communicate from anywhere with Teams Voice
Microsoft Business Voice simplifies your communications unifying calls, chat and meetings. You can streamline operations, improving communication with staff working from anywhere.

Teams Voice – What is it?

Simplify your communications by unifying calling with chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams. Your contacts and calendar are connected across Teams and Outlook. And take collaboration to the next level by using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within calls and meetings.

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