Pick up the pace with all your communications in one hub

Our experienced, highly skilled team knows that today’s businesses long for communication tools that provide speed, flexibility and freedom. They’ll address this for you by creating a communications hub that unifies your conferencing and video calling, your mobile apps, and your applications and services such as IP phones, voicemail, email and CRM tools – and they’ll set up a network with routers, switches, firewalls, and a server or hardware platform.

You have a choice of three outstanding digital communications systems for your organisation – a 3CX phone system, Microsoft Teams, or Skype For Business.

As each system has great benefits and features, the one you choose will transform how your people work with each other and how they liaise with their customers. Expect a boost in productivity, a drop in operational and communication costs, and happier customers and staff who are impressed that you’re keeping pace with digital trends.

Email us now at Pro IT Solutions or call for a no-obligation chat about unifying your digital communications – info@proitsolutions.co.nz / 0800 776 481.