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Companies choosing to outsource their IT management with Pro IT solutions benefit from professional, secure and cost-effective IT management service. We are proactive in solutions management and strict about compliance and security. We keep your data and systems protected by implementing best-practice monitoring and security processes to ensure business continuity and help in disaster recovery. Outsourcing the management of your IT means you can focus on your core business while saving the investment of training and maintaining your team and solutions. Often, a managed service provider offers direct access to cutting-edge technology, providing more resources in security and management than an in-house team could get.

When choosing Pro IT Solutions, you get a team of dedicated professionals, Microsoft Certified, which will analyze and implement the most accurate solutions for your business. We deliver managed IT services that enhance your system performance, minimizes downtime and proactively monitors and detect security issues. Switching to Pro IT solutions can be a cost-effective and efficient solution to the problems a typical in-house IT team faces daily. We offer you updated continuously expertise so you can focus on your business goals instead of your IT. Let Pro IT Solutions help.

We focus on developing strong customer relationships, through delivering efficient and reliable IT services by our expert service team.

Our managed IT support framework

24×7 Managed SLA

Despite the technological advances in remote monitoring, there is no substitute for having a knowledgeable technician available when you are in need. Our team is there when you need it, delivering support based on ITIL best practices and industry standards. Pro IT Solutions Support is provided by a dedicated Service Desk and Network Operations Centre, available 24x7x365.

On-site engineering presence

We build trust with our clients by providing continuous service. Also, our senior engineers attend your site in scheduled intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly), ensuring the high-level perspective of Senior professionals.

Proactive account and service delivery management

Your support service team includes an experienced technical account manager and a service  delivery manager. This ensures constant accountability and reliable service. Your business is dynamic and your needs, our team keeps updated with your business needs to ensure efficient and continuous operations.

24×7 remote monitoring, management & reporting

In addition to our service in person, we access remotely to real-time intelligence on the performance and security of your IT environment. We use the industry-leading monitoring and management solutions which provide web-based central visibility to our Service Desk and NOC to keep an eye on your system 24×7.

Network auditing & asset management

Security issues are not static, nor do we. We conduct constant network audits that enable us detect and address network issues. The inspection identifies security gaps and underperforming points, so we can apply fixes and improve your operations.

3rd party vendor management

All IT-related issues are logged and managed by our service desk, including Vendor Management. Our experience enables us to manage vendors and find the most suitable solution for your system.

Proactive network administration & housekeeping

Our Service Level Agreement includes regular network administration tasks such as user management, data management, and data backup. We proactively ensure that your applications and security features are timely updated and always at high performing level.

Technical consultancy

Pro IT Solutions brings support by managing your IT needs, contributing to your overall company’s success. We deliver unlimited professional consultancy and advice, so our clients; projects meet expected outcomes and assist in achieving your business goals.

We Connect with Your Business Through Our Precise and Methodical approach to Onboarding and Transition.

At Pro IT Solutions, we believe that excellent service starts by understanding you, our customer. We invest an extensive amount of time in the discovery process, getting to know how your business operates and what are the requirements and expectations of every department.

Our process starts with a series of technical audits to understand your existing infrastructure, together with an efficiency audit and risk assessment. Once our evaluation is complete, we start with our onboarding, service agreement and transition plan. We develop and implement the transition plan best suited to your IT needs.

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