Streamline Business Processes While Reducing Costs

Microsoft SharePoint enables teams to collaborate and increase productivity from anywhere. SharePoint intuitive interface allows your staff to create dynamic team sites for projects or departments, improving teamwork and communication. You can easily share files, data and media with your organization or outside across multiple devices, including mobile.

The intelligent content management feature helps staff to find the right file and schedule publishing content and media on different channels. SharePoint is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its flexibility and ease of use.

SharePoint creates a virtual intranet for your company where you can share information, tasks and communicate with staff members. A centralized dashboard enables administratorsto perform operative features such as updating privileges, perform backups,restore sites, and manage operative settings. Tight security ensures the protection of the data from unauthorized access. With SharePoint, you can easily customize the application interface to your brand and build custom features to meet business needs all through drag-and-drop functions for ease of use.

The platform integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft and authorized third-party products. The shared work environment means you can integrate all your sites saving on the cost of an on-premises site administration. SharePoint environment and storage is responsive across devices, which means you can share and work from mobile or desktop with the same efficiency.

Transform Your Organization into a Connected Community

At Pro IT Solutions, we can help to integrate your business processes with SharePoint. Our Microsoft Certified team creates a custom strategy according to your business needs. Our services can be as simple or complete as you need.

From installing and training staff in SharePoint to a complete customization plan with administration settings, we at Pro IT Solutions work with your team to create the perfect intranet to achieve your business goals.

Manage and share content, knowledge, and applications with this easy-to-use collaboration system.

Reinventing Productivity

SharePoint key features include:

Team sites and Intranets

You can work with any team in your company or outside, share files and data and communicate. SharePoint ease of use allows you to form and connect organizations and outsourcing work easily.

Collaboration and co-authoring on real-time

Team members can co-author documents, increasing collaboration and fast pacing the workflow.

Document and content management

With SharePoint, you can organize files and document in custom libraries to streamline the content cycle. It enables users to find and work with the right content quickly and efficiently.

Mobile access

Access your working environment from any device with a clear and user-friendly interface. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Data loss prevention

Having your data on the cloud means you the benefit of the tight security of the SharePoint environment. SharePoint’s data prevention features automatically monitor and protects sensitive information of your organization.

Process automation

You can quickly improve processes with SharePoint by building custom workflows in a few simple steps.

Build Your Smart Intranet with SharePoint

At Pro IT Solutions, we use SharePoint to drive efficiency for our clients, by streamlining processes on home sites. SharePoint gives to our customers not only a smart intranet for sharing,and working but also an AI system to strengthen their brand and increase knowledge with stunning communication pages featuring custom-targeted news.

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