Pro IT Solutions: Seamless Cloud Services with Microsoft expertise.

In Pro IT Solutions, we rely on the industry-leading service and global reach of Microsoft Azure. Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing services platform. Its global network of data centres enables us to provide our customers with cost-effective local service while keeping the data available 24/7, from anywhere.

At Pro IT solutions, your cloud environment can take advantage of the array of services in the Azure platform, from serverless architecture, database, to mobile and artificial intelligence. Cutting-edge threat intelligence and built-in security controls protect your data in the Cloud against the latest threats.

The development of the first Microsoft datacenter region in New Zealand will enable Pro IT to provide scalable and highly available cloud services and accelerate digital transformation opportunities for our clients.

We deliver expertise and experience at the highest levels with Microsoft Azure Certification

Pro IT Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Partner the company, complying with the highest standards of Microsoft’s partnership program. Our team of Azure Certified experts proved best-in-class experience in computing, Cloud, and data management services, specializing in solutions for small and medium companies.

To be Azure certified means our engineers deliver value to our clients by providing the know-how and proven track record designing and implementing Azure solutions in many successful projects. At Pro IT solutions, we offer more to our clients by integrating people, processes, and technologies, focusing on helping our customers achieve their business goals through the project. It gives our clients the peace of mind of having their projects on experienced hands, resulting in rewarding business relationships.

Azure is leading the cloud industry, combining computing strength, flexibility and scalability

What can Azure do for you?

Azure provides a variety of services including computing, storage, analytics and network with built-in security. You can easily customize your solution by selecting services and scale up or down workloads.

You cannot go wrong by joining more than half of the Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure. Benefit today from the speed of Azure virtual machines, the scalability of its cloud storage and the flexibility of the solutions by contacting Pro IT Solutions.

Build on your terms

Azure’s agnostic approach, with support for all languages and frameworks means you can build how do you want it and deploy wherever you need.

Operate hybrid seamlessly

Azure focuses in hybrid operations to help you make the most of cloud services. If you got data or applications that go better on-premises, Azure integrates the environments with tools specially designed for hybrid cloud.

Deploy and scale in minutes

You can quickly virtualize desktop apps to the cloud, whether they are modern or legacy apps. The WVD gives you centralized management and scale through the Azure portal.

Enable optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus

You can benefit from a complete Office 365 ProPlus experience by virtualizing multiple desktop scenarios. Enhance your productivity by working with the latest Office updates.

Deliver the only multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktop

Your users can conduct multiple sessions in a Windows 10 virtualized desktop, available on any device.

Migrate Windows Server remote desktops and apps to Azure

You can move your Remote Desktop Services (RDS) apps and environment to Azure for a simplified management and deployment experience.

What Is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that helps you simplify management, operate multiple sessions in Windows 10. It optimizes Office 365 ProPlus and supports Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments.

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